The Official Get Rich Guide to Info Marketing – Dan Kennedy

Bill Glazer and Robert Skrob take turns at sharing their 9 ‘easy’ steps to success.

These steps are not easy but they have laid them out so that you can follow them if you wish.

Steps are:

1. Identify Market

2. Selling Paper and Ink

3. Separate customers from market

4. Convert shoppers to buyers

5. Gain trust make more

6. Sell once collect monthly

7. The upsell

8. Protection and exansion

9. Don’t make mistakes

So they sound easy but all take ‘work’ and if you can live with that and actually do it, then you might make your million dollars in 12 months but it’s not going to fall from the sky.

Sprinkled throughout are heaps of anecdotes and business examples to explain the key concepts and Dan Kennedy wraps up with a look at the same business he began without the tools he had available today.

If you’re a Dan Kennedy fan, get it.  If not, get it anyway because you’ll soon become one.  It’s another one of those books full of its own cliff notes and belongs on your reference shelf.


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