Your Internet Cash Machine – Joe Vitale and Jillian Coleman Wheeler

This is ‘The Secret’ meets internet marketing for the first half of the book which is actually a fresh approach in terms of information delivery.  The first half deals with the types of internet business/options available and how you can best align yourself to take advantage of them.

The second half gives a brief yet thorough overview and more detailed information about each of the option with contributions from Jim Cochrum and Tim Knox and other heavy weights.

Although an overview and really targetted at the beginning internet marketer or business owner, I found resources in here that I have not found ANYWHERE else and I am a internet marketing veteran in terms of reading everything.

A few great nuggets and another leave on your shelf reference book just for all the great links.

Joe Vitale gives a really great chapter on hypnotic writing and marketing towards the end of the book with comments from Mike Mograbi. I got hooked on this (I think they hypnotised me) and am starting the broader work on this “Hypnotic Writing” by Joe Vitale next. Stay tuned.


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