Problogger – I Finished – Final Thoughts

The last half of the book deals with writing, writing styles, blog networks and how they came to be, and whether or not you should (a) join one or (b) build one. Neither really seemed like a great idea or even possible.

They then went on to talk about marketing and promotion and then FINALLY the SECRETS we’ve all been waiting for.  And just like Kung Fu Panda there is no secret.  It’s a combination of all with no secret ingredient.  It seems it’s a matter of luck and persistence just like everything else.

They finish off with urging to make something worthwhile and maintain that if you give your readers what they want they will be happy and come.

So I’m still lost about this blogging thing.  It seems almost impossible to find a niche that is not already over crowded by either wannabes or heavily bank rolled networks determined to dominate the whole web.

Is is really possible to make money from blogging? If you’re patient for it, maybe but I think the days of the big bucks in blogging have missed the masses.  As even Rowse states in his book, if everyone is talking about it you’ve missed the boat, and everyone is talking about blogging, even CNN.

My advice is to keep it as a hobby and if it pays for itself and turns into something grand and brings in a few thousand, then congratulate yourself because you’ve managed to carve at least that out of an almost impossible marketplace.

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