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Ok am still only half way through. This is such a great read. No skimming here.

Joel has written a rich yet !brief! history of the internet marketing world and it’s full of so many tidbits of information you just have to read every word and then re-read it. I can’t believe the amount of information crammed in here so far.

The most important thing for me that is standing out is still how young the internet really is.  We have taken the changes for granted and become so accustomed to spamming and surrendering our email address (not any more getting harder to get) that we have lost sight of the fact that some of the top marketers, only began to make their full stride from 2002 and 2004.  So I have to question at this point, have they even reached their full stride yet?

I would have to say, no way.  As Joel points out briefly so far, although the internet has taken over our lives to some extent and the way we consume and obtain media has changed forever, there are still many changes afoot that we haven’t even dreamt are possible yet.

At the half way point, I’m feeling really optimistic about still being able to carve out a living from the internet in some form, although taken note that some of the strategies used to date may already be outdated as users become jaded.  However, from my own experience I can tell you that our children approach the internet in an entirely different way and it will be this market where the most opportunity will arise.

I’m deep into the covers of this book today to finish and will give my final thoughts and hopefully Joel will shed some light on the approaching generation and how best to market them.

Stay tuned.  Get your copy here:Click Here to Order

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