Joel Comm – Adsense Code

With the release of Click Here to Order, Joel Comm’s Adsense Code has also hit the best seller lists again.

I reviewed this when it originally came out.  I call him Joel the father of Adsense.  While heaps has been written about Google Adwords, the advertising campaign, little had really been written about Adsense and how publishers could best utilise it to make a passive income from their sites.

Joel Comm gives you heaps of tips and tricks and shows you how to cleverly disguise your ads while still complying with Google.

He took his earnings up to $600.00 a DAY with Adsense.  That’s some loose change I’d like.

He’s giving away a free copy at the moment because he’s delirious over the success of Click Here to Order so if you want to get the info for free that I paid for (but made money from) go here: Father of Adsense

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