Breaking Dawn Stephanie Meyer Cliff Notes

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Finally Bella and Edward are married in a ceremony reminiscent of Pride and Prejudice. Jacob had left the pack of wolves, destined for a life of solitude after Bella could not love him. He returns as a wedding present. He is mortified to discover that Edward and Bella are planning on consumating the marriage as vampire and human, fearing that Bella will be killed by Edward.

Fearless and determined, Bella and Edward leave for their honeymoon to Esme’s Island, an idyllic setting on a pacific island.

They are successful in making love, though Edward has left Bella with many bruises, he is determined not to ever risk it again, however Bella again seduces him and as she says, they get better with practice.

By the end of the honeymoon, she discovers that she is pregnant, Edward and Carlisle have decided to remove the child before it kills Bella. Bella’s maternal instincts kick in and she enlists Rosalie to help her protect her unborn baby.

Back at the Cullen house, Jacob seeks out Edward fearing that he has changed Bella. He discovers a distraught Edward, sure he has killed Bella as the baby eats away at her.

Jacob tells the pack what is going on and they decide to kill Bella because of the abomination that grows within her. This goes against everything that Jacob believes and he takes back his claim to the Alpha and defies Sam the leader. He separates from the pack, flanked by Seth and later Leah. They swear to protect Bella and deal with whatever the baby may be.

Bella’s condition improves once they decide to feed her human blood and Carlisle has to leave to get more supplies. Bella’s placenta tears in a freak accident and suddenly the baby is in danger and they have to operate to get it out.

An emergency vampirian caesarean is performed and Bella lies bleeding to death after seeing her baby for a moment, it bites her and she loses consciousness.

The baby is taken downstairs while Bella is left in Edward’s hands. Jacob follows Rosalie and takes one look at Renesmee, the chosen name for a girl baby, and imprints totally upon her. We had been led to believe that he had imprinted on Bella, but this was not the case, he was only madly in love with her.

Upstairs, Edward works feverishly injecting venom directly into Bella’s heart and healing her wounds with his venom and licking.

Bella finally transforms into a vampire and survives. She goes through the change in an unconcious state, totally controlling the pain of the fire with her mind and awakens when her heart stops to greet Edward and everyone waiting for her.

The Volturi are told of Renesmee’s existence, and fearing another outbreak of the immortal children, a breed of baby vampires created against Volturi law, they come to kill Renesmee, though their ulterior motive is to take control of Bella and Edward. The Cullen’s call on all the favours they can and accumulate a band of 17 who will bear witness for them against the Volturi. The wolves also protect Renesmee and the Cullens are joined by an increased pack of seventeen wolves.

In preparing for the battle, Bella is educated in her talent. She is a shield. She can protect not only herself but those around her. By the time of the battle, she is able to stretch her shield across all the vampires and wolves to protect them from the Volturi psychic attacks, leaving them to fight on skill alone and they back down.

Alice returns with a witness from the Amazon, another child the same as Renesmee to totally defeat the Volturi’s argument that she is a menace and must be destroyed.

The Volturi know they are outnumbered and outsmarted with partiuclar menace shown to Bella, the most powerful of them all.

The story winds up with Edward, Bella and Renesmee returning to their cottage knowing that Renesmee will survive to live for eternity. Bella shows Edward her gift by revealing her mind to Edward for the first time, by removing her shield and letting him in.

Of the entire series, Breaking Dawn is the longest of the novels at 756 pages, hence the long cliff notes. There is a lot more involved in the story. Meyer’s writing is breathtaking in delivery with the changes of views from Bella to Jacob to Bella. Again I was reduced to tears throughout the novel led by the expert capture of emotion by Meyer. A truly gifted writer. I’m going to move on to read The Host next to compare her style against the Cullen saga but I’m sure she won’t disappoint. I hope she is writing the next volume in the Cullen story.

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  • December 13, 2009 at 8:18 pm

    This is so GREAT I love all these books and I hope you do to. This book sums up most of the confustion in the other books, witch I think is great, so you can understand. If you love these wonderful books then you will love “The Host”. I won`t tell ,hehe, just read, and I promis you, you will not be disaponted, 😉

  • December 4, 2010 at 7:38 pm

    i love this i cant wait to buyu the last book im going to read it! 🙂
    i love the books and the movies the story line is great stephanie meyer is a wondering author

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  • January 23, 2011 at 5:12 am

    I loved it….Meyer’s is awesome….woooow….

  • August 18, 2016 at 3:51 am

    I am a HUGE fan of the twilight series, I love every single piece of it. and the movies where awesome aswell <333

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